November, 2008
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FOA Creates Largest Online Fiber Optic Reference - more info - tour
New FOA "Premises Cabling" Certiifcation

Tech Topics: 40-100G Ethernet. New "Installation" Tech Bulletin. See Tech Topics Below.

Q&A: Interesting questions asked of the FOA this month.

Product News:  A unique way to install aerial cable. See "Product News" Below

Worth Reading: 40-100 GB Ethernet, Municipal contracting.  See "Worth Reading" below
FTTH: 1/8 of all US homes now passed by FTTH,  take rates at >30%. 
Looking For Jobs - a bunch this month, including fiber splicers, field techs, manufacturing engineering, Instructors for a FOA-approved school, Splicers in Canada, fusion splicer sales, production and engineering. See "Jobs" Below
This Month's "Tech Puzzler"
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FOA Creates Largest Online Fiber Optic Reference

We told you about the new FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Last Month, but this month, we'd like to give you more information on how to use it.

Tech Topics on iPhone

    The FOA has created a online reference site for fiber optics that will be the most up-to-date comprehensive collection of information on fiber optics available anywhere. This unique reference site was created as a complement to traditional textbooks like our Fiber Optic Technicians Manual since it can be kept up to date more easily, can be accessed anywhere and is much less expensive than printed books. The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual, of course, remains available for those who prefer or need printed textbooks.
    The new FOA site was created with the
goal of educating students, network users, designers, installers, etc. on the proper usage of fiber optic communications systems. In creating the materials, we considered the needs of many users and attempted to provide for their special needs.
  • Everyone, of course, needs knowledge of the basics of fiber optics and skills in the processes used in designing and installing systems. 
  • Schools need a reference for teaching fiber optics on many levels and a definitive reference for the certification exams.
  • Network owners/users will be better able to understand their networks and work with contractors and installers to optimize their networks and maintain, restore and upgrade them properly.
  • Contractors/designers will better understand how fiber is used properly, how to design efficient systems and how to communicate with their customers.
  • Installers will find the basic information on fiber optic components, how fiber optic cable plants are installed, including tutorials of hands-on installation practices and how different types of installations require special skills and procedures.
  • Special types of users, e.g. MIL/govt, utility, industrial, FTTx, will find soon sections covering the particulars of those applications and how that affects design, installation, etc.
    The materials included are all provided by knowledgeable writers, validated and edited for the web by the editor/writer of the Fiber Optic Technicians Manual, Jim Hayes, so the material can be considered trustworthy. Unfortunately, much of the material available on the web is written to promote a product or service or written by someone with a limited knowledge of the fiber optic technology and markets. We have tried to remove all bias by covering topics from several points of view, e.g. premises vs outside plant (except maybe a slight bias against still using copper!)
    The material is also aimed to be a reference for our certifications so it will be annotated to assist instructors and students to prepare for them. One of the advantages of the web is the ability to include self-testing quizzes at the end of sections to allow the reader to test their comprehension. Try the ones now available in the sections of  Understanding Fiber Optics  for CFOT prep to see how they work.

    The FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Guide is now available for use. It's not complete - we expect it to never be "complete" but always expanding!  However, we do have a complete basic guide to fiber optics with a CFOT study guide and instructor's guide plus dozens more pages already available. We want you to start using it now and give us feedback on how we can make it better!

Go to 
The FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Guide.

FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Guide "Tour"
Each month, we'll do a quick tour of part of the 
FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference to show you what's there and how to use it effectively. This month we'll talk about the "basics" section, "Understanding Fiber Optics, The Basics."
This section is just what is says - where you go to get a basic understanding of fiber optics and where you can prepare for the FOA CFOT exam. It's divided into 10 sections plus a glossary with lots of information, well illustrated. Each section has a quiz called "Test Your Comprehension" that is an online, automatically graded quiz on the material that will test you and give you the right answers and the reason for the answer.
Obviously, this is the place to study for the CFOT exam, but it's also a great review section for CFOTs who might have been certified several years ago and want a refresher on new technology.

What Is The FOA?

Hear FOA President Jim Hayes tell the FOA Story in a 2-part interview by Sound & Video Contractor Contributing Editor Bennett Liles. It tells about the FOA history, goals and achievements.
Part 1:  
Part 2

Good Question! Tech Questions Worth Repeating

This installation specification has a bulleted list of instructions, the first sentence reading, "Observe
minimum bend radius and cable pull tension."  What number(s) should be there? Is there an average cable pull tension for all optical fiber? 

A: Cable pulling specs are based on cable design and diameter. Pulling tension is rated for the cable type, typically 100-200# for indoor cable, 600#+ for outside plant. Bend radius is generally specified at 20X cable diameter under pulling tension, 10X relaxed after pulling.
Under any circumstances, check with the cable manufacturer for specs on the particular cable you are using.

Q: When we do the Link - Loss - Budget calculation, do we need to consider the any loss for cable bending. For our project, the Single Mode FO cable is run in cable tray, which has at least 4 to 6 bends (90 deg turning). If bending loss to be considered for each Bend, then what are the typical values for Single Mode Fibre.

A: You should not include bending losses in link loss calculations since there should be no bends tight enough to cause loss. If the measured loss is higher than calculated loss, you should then look for bending loss with an OTDR.

We're covering this (and a lot more) in our new FOA Online Fiber
Optic Reference Guide: and

Feedback: I was just reading your latest newsletter. In the section "Tech
Questions Worth Repeating", I thought I would add another benefit of fiber
over copper as it directly has proved a benefit on a project we currently
completed. Don't forget that any copper be it arial or underground must be
grounded at the entrance facility to the building. In the case where
lightning protectors are required, this can be an expensive but necessary
addition to design where fiber as we know is non-conductive and requires no
protection unless a metallic or armoured jacket is used.
Greg Haire
CommTech Services Ltd.

New Pemises Cabling Certification

The FOA has added a new certification for our schools and current CFOTs, CPCT for "Certified Premises Cablilng Technician."
Unlike some training in premises or structured cabling, the FOA CPCT specialist will focus on understanding the technology and processes involved in fiber, copper and wireless, rather than focusing on the rote memorization of the industry standards. These standards, developed by the TIA in the US and ISO internationally, are primarily written for manufacturers, not installers or contractors, and it becomes the duty of those manufacturers to develop products and inform their customers about their proper usage. Contractors and installers need to focus on the components and how they are used to build premises network cabling systems properly.
FOA CPCT Certification is available through FOA-Approved Schools and soon directly for CFOTs. If you have a CFOT and wish to add a CPCT to your certifications, contact the FOA for information on how to study for and take the CPCT exam.

Soon we'll also have a study guide for the CPCT on the FOA Online Reference Site.

Design certification training is also starting at FOA-approved schools.

Worth Reading:

40 and 100 gigabit/sec Ethernet
Cabling Installation and Maintenance has an article in their November, 2008 issue "Super speeds on the horizon" about
40 and 100 gigabit/sec Ethernet by Tony Irujo and Dava Mazzarese of OFS. The title doesn't do the article justice - it's really a good overview of the current status of 40 and 100 gigabit/sec Ethernet and the cabling needs. Worth reading if just to note copper is only expected to go 10m!

Even AT&T Does Municipal Networks
Municipal networks for CCTV surviellance, data and phones among municipal offices and intelligent traffic monitoring and control have become one of the more active areas of fiber installation. According to this Lightwave article, AT&T is building such a network for the town of Evansville, IN and its county, Vanderburgn. The work involves replacing an obsolete copper network with fiber. Read Lightwave.

Lennie On OTDRs: For a dozen years now, Lennie Lightwave's Guide To Fiber Optics has been the most popular website for those getting started in fiber optics or wanting to look up some basic information. Now Lennie has added a new "virtual hands-on" tutorial on using OTDRs, based on the VDV Works OTDR simulator. Not only will it help you understand how to use an OTDR properly (not just turn it on and hit autotest, which may be your downfall!) but you can download a demo of the OTDR Simulator to try it yourself.

FOLS latest newsletter. The latest news from FOLS including a standards update and access to their premises cabling cost model.

What's the biggest security problem most organizations face? The answer might surprise some of you - it's disgruntled employees. Read "San Francisco Case Shows Vulnerability Of Data Networks" to see what we mean.

FOA Tech Topics - 
The new FOA reference website is now online. Check out the current Table of Contents. 

Coming soon to a network near you  - 40 and 100 gigabit/sec Ethernet!
The IEEE is already working on specs for
40 and 100 gigabit/sec Ethernet and have approved a number of new PMDs (that's standards-speak for Physical Medium Dependent - i.e. cabling). A summary of the proposals is on the updated list of network specs at
FOA Technical Bulletins
How do you design and manufacture fiber optic systems? Choose and install one to serve your communications needs? Troubleshoot problems? The FOA Fiber Optic Technical Bulletins will provide step-by-step guidelines to help you. All are PDF files you can download, print and use.
Designing and manufacturing fiber optic communications products for manufacturers.
Choosing, installing and using fiber optic products for network users.
Designing Fiber Optic Networks
Installing Fiber Optic Cable Plants
Troubleshooting fiber optic cable plants and communcations systems.
Fiber Optic Restoration

Online Videos
We continue expanding the Tech Topics section and have added some videos. These videos, in a format familiar to the "You Tube" users among you, cover cable prep, termination with epoxy/polish connectors, mechanical splicing and insertion loss testing.
You need Quicktime to view these videos which you can download free here from the Apple website.
Testing Update
Are there really 5 different ways to test optical fiber cabling after installation? Why so many? How do the measurements - and more importantly the measurement results - differ? What are the advanteages and disadvantages of each method?
Why are there 4 ways (maybe 5) to test fiber optic cables?
Do OTDRs and OLTS tests give the same results?
New Tech Topics
Updated link specs for fiber optic networks - now includes 10G Ethernet.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on General Topics and Testing
Fiber Or Copper? Making decisions, overview and LANs
How do you clean connections?

Product News

New Device For Aerial Cable Lashing
Installation of aerial fiber optic cable is often done by lashing the fiber to a cable already installed or a messenger. Spiral HangerTM  by Hein Electric Industries is radically new aerial wire hangers that radically changes conventional cable installation processes. According to the manufacturer, Spiral HangerTM has already enabled remarkable advances in safety and speed of communication cable installation work throughout Japan, and is highly rated by  customers. On their website, you can watch video of an installation.

Remove The Copper and Replace With It Fiber?
Not removing the cable, but just the conductors and leaving the jacket as duct for fiber? Sound far-fetched? See how Kable-X says you can do it.

Have you read the FOA Tech Topics on Cleaning?

More links on cleaning:


ITW Chemtronics

Cleantex Alco Pads



FTTH Notes:

September Update
About 13 million homes are passed by fiber optics now - about 1 in 6. In spite of the economy, FTTx is carrying on and costs are decreasing.
FTTX 9-08
Graph from data by RVH in Broadband Properties Magazine.

FTTH "Take Rates" Now at 30%

About 1/3 of all subscribers offered FTTH are not taking it according to RVA quoted in Telephony Online. In underserved areas, it's over 50%. Partly it's because FTTH is developing the reputation as the best service but partly the take rate is up because the companies are able to hook up subscribers faster.

QWEST Continues FTTN Deployment
Qwest roughly doubled its quarterly residential subscriber additions in the third quarter, adding nearly 40,000 new fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) subscribers and giving an early indication of the effectiveness of a primary strategic focus for the company.
"We're moving the high-speed Internet product to be the anchor of what we're trying to do here," said Ed Mueller, Qwest's chief executive officer.
The $300-million FTTN network Qwest began building a year ago now passes 1.5 million homes and is scheduled to pass 1.8 million by year's end. By the end of next year, that number could rise to 5 million, Mueller said today, or about 38% of Qwest's total footprint. The company could shift spending efforts to help feed its FTTN growth, Mueller said, but added that he wouldn't raise the company's overall capex budget to do so.
Before they rolled out FTTN, Qwest's managers chose not to market higher speeds to customers who could get them by virtue of their proximity to a central office. But now the company is basing some of its marketing efforts on the higher speeds available to closer customers.
"Before we did FTTN, you could have higher speeds if you're closer to the CO, but unfortunately, that's hard to market to and not really productive," Mueller said. "As marketing and advertising rolls out now, we get a pop from people who may be closer, and we're having programs against that. So we get the benefit of a prior capex spend."

Verizon FiOS
Verizon connects their 2 millionth FiOS home.

Verizon Strikes Deal to Bring Fios Service to the District of Columbia: Washington Post, 8/8/08
Verizon ramping up FiOS build out
By Mike Robuck, - June 11, 2008
Despite the sluggish economy, Verizon isn‚t backing off of the gas pedal when it comes to building out its fiber optic FiOS network.
Verizon plans on having FiOS in more than its previously stated goal of 18 million homes by the end of 2010, according to Reuters. Verizon President and COO Denny Strigl said that the company would continue to expand its FiOS network to the tune of more than $20 billion, while doing so at a faster rate than the original plan called for.

Verizon‚s FiOS rollout was initially slower than expected due to a lack of equipment, such as set-top boxes, as well as the regulatory approval process in the states where the telco wanted to rollout the triple-play service.

Verizon to invest $86 million to expand FiOS TV in Rhode Island (Lightwave)
The $86-million investment will extend Verizon's FiOS TV service to an additional 10 communities and expand its Providence-based Fiber Solutions Center, where at least 50 more union-represented technicians and customer service representatives will be hired, say Verizon representatives.

FiOS Rollout In Philadelphia
From the web journal.
Verizon is now deploying GPON in its network in new developments in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Texas. GPON offers more bandwidth than the BPON currently used, allowing more features for FiOS TV for example. See this Lightwave article for more info. Where is Verizon offfering FiOS service? See this map.
Want To Learn More About FTTx?
The FOA has created a special FTTx resources section of our website with a FTTx links page with lots of links to news, market reports, technical articles and vendor technical and product information. Here is a great place to start learning more about FTTx.
FOA's CFxT FTTx Certification Program Explained
Read the Broadband Properties article about the FOA FTTx certification program. Read the article about FOA President Jim Hayes being honored for his work promoting FTTH.


 Digging Safely

The old story (not a joke!) about the most likely fiber optic communications system failure being caused by "backhoe fade" reminds us that digging safely is vitally important. The risk is not just interrupting communications, but the life-threatening risk of digging up high voltage or gas lines.

There is a website called "Common Ground Alliance" that focuses directly on this issue. Here is how they describe themselves:

Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility
The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) is a member-driven association dedicated to ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and the integrity of services by promoting effective damage prevention practices.    In recent years, the association has established itself as the leading organization in an effort to reduce damages to all underground facilities in North America through shared responsibility among all stakeholders.

Of special interest is their "Best Practices" Manual, available for downloading. If you do OSP installs, please get yourself a copy and read it.

There is a new toll-free "call before you dig" number: 811

See for more information

National Fiber Optic Protection Summit: By the "811" group. March, 2008 in Vegas.


Download This!
There are tons of technical application notes and videos on the web, and occasionally we recommend some you should download. The JDSU fiber testing guide is really worthwhile, as are the ADC FTTx book and Westover video on fiber inspection and cleaning, linked below.
JDSU Testing Book
JDSU offers a free download of their Testing Guide from the Lightwave website. This is one great book which explains some basic fiber technology, but the real value is the last half which deals with OTDR testing. Not only does it give the usual info, but it covers important topics like measurement uncertainties and anomolies like ghosts and gainers.
I was in the testing business for 20+ years at Fotec and think this book is one of the best fiber optic testing texts available. It's complete but comprehenisble! I used to believe that premises techs did not need OTDR training, but now OTDR manufacturers are pushing their use in premises networks. Unfortunately, the limitations of OTDRs in premises applications can cause extreme problems for those who are not aware of their limitations. So knowing hows OTDRs work is essential information to every tech. 
Download yourself a copy and read it!
Westover Application Notes And Cleaning Video
Westover has several application notes on inspecting and cleaning fiber optic connectors. The video is a big file (50+MB) but a good tutorial.
Download page:
ADC's Book On FTTx
ADC has an excellend book on FTTx. Here is a link to request a copy:

Now In Spanish: FOA Textbook & Text For FOA Advanced Certifications
The FOA's textbook, The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual, is used by our approved schools around the world to teach fiber optics. Book Details: Manual Del Technico De Fibra Optica, Published by Thomson Delmar Learning, ISBN 1-4180-6121-2
If you are getting started in fiber optics and Spanish is your native language, you can download an introduction to fiber optics in Spanish here.
Eric Pearson's book that is used for the CFOS/I reference book, Successful Fiber Optic Installation, is also now available in Spanish.
Contact the FOA for more information.


Job Openings

Fiber Splicers - Canada
Ledcor Contracting Career Opportunities
Under general supervision the Fibre Optic Splicer provides moderately complex work in fiber optics installation and maintenance, including performance and fusion splicing and testing. Ensuring the quality of buried and aerial optic facilities by overseeing the end result of contractor and/or in-house work and performing activation related duties.

Toronto and Calgary

Field Techs - Telecom and Cabling

FieldSolutions is the leading provider of quality field souring.
We have an immediate need for a field technician experience in TELECOM and CABLING to become a preferred technician.
This preferred technician will operate within a specific geography, there are openings for technicians nationwide.
The duration is ongoing- the requests last from 1-4 hours. The calls are paid hourly or at a flat rate depending on the nature of the call/ client.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Need a strong and flexible field tech to be a Preferred Tech for client to perform TELECOM/CABLING break fix work on a weekly basis.
This assignment is best suited for an easy going technician capable of taking on field related assignments with little supervision and off the cuff.
The tech should be able to handle something as basic as a punch down to the 66 block and as complex as a T1 installation and DMARC testing
TOOLS: Skills/Tools assessment checklist to be provided to potential candidates once established. Must have reliable vehicle capable of carry multiple parts. Must have unlimited cell phone plan as being contacted in the field for potential new calls is a must.
TECH REQUIREMENTS: Strong background in cabling and telecom type calls. Skills/Tools assessment checklist to be provided to potential candidates once established.
Sarah Jackson
Tel: 1.952.288.2512
Field Solutions
5775 Wayzata Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Fiber Optic Splicing Technicians
Volt Telecom Canada is looking for some qualified Fiber Optic splicers to perform work in Alberta. Our first priority is in the Calgary, but there may be other locations throughout the province as well.
Successful candidates would require good experience in spicing underground and aerial fiber optic ribbon cables. Copper cable splicing skills would also be an asset. We are currently looking for individuals who have their own truck and tools and would be interested in becoming a independent contract to Volt Telecom. Volt telecom will provide the fiber optic ribbon fiber splicing equipment.
If you know of any of your association members who would be interested in leaning more about these opportunities please have them contact myself.
Jim Huff
Project Manager - Canada
Volt-Telecom Canada
Office - 780-962-6800
Cell - 780-868-0720
Fax - 780-962-6841

Patchcord Assembler (Cat 5e/6), Southern CA
This person must have at least 2 years experience in patch cable assembly.  Work consists
of cutting and splicing wires and must have knowledge of category 5E and category 6.  Any type
of audio/telephone repair is a must.  Company is located in Laguna Niguel/ position is a temp to
hire and comes with excellent benefits.
Contact Brady Staffing Services at (949)707-1447 or  


Outside Sales Representative

Verrillon is looking for an Outside Sales Representative to sell specialty optical fiber and cable products and development services within an assigned territory. The territory is anticipated to be all accounts in the United States and Canada except for the Oil & Gas market vertical and any house accounts. Objectives will include prospecting on behalf of the assigned territory/region, customer/prospect meetings, product proposals, closing sales, and appropriate follow-up activities via visits, phone, email, etc.
This position requires previous specialty optical fiber sales experience along with a strong understanding of the specialty optical fiber market and competitors. The position is based in North Grafton, MA for local hires. Candidates residing elsewhere in the United States with a home office are also encouraged to apply.
Interested candidates should contact Ed Connor at <> or 508-890-7141.
T. 508-890-7100
F. 508-839-6688
Manufacturing Engineer, MIL Fiber Optics (8/08)

Linden Photonics is a small company that develops packaging and cable technology.  Specializing in fiber optics and using novel extrusion/molding techniques for thermoplastics, Linden focuses on military and other harsh environment markets.
We are looking for a part time manufacturing engineer to help set up our in-house manufacturing and quality procedures as well as assist in the design/set-up/and usage of specialized in-house equipment related to optical technology and cable winding and spooling.
The ideal candidate will have a mix of manufacturing and mechanical experience.  Experience with ISO type record keeping is desired and fiber optics experience is a plus.
5 to 10 years experience in manufacturing and a BS in an engineering or equivalent technical degree is desired.
For more information on Linden Photonics, check us out on the web at <>
Please send resumes to Stephen O’Riorden, Director of Business Development at <>
Best regards,
Stephen O'Riorden
Director of Business Development
Linden Photonics, Inc.

Fiber Optic Instructors (7/08)
Can You Teach? Would you like to?
Go to the "Teaching Opportunity " on the BDI DataLynk,LLC Web Site or call: 512-785-9024 for more information.
Bob Ballard, RCDD, CFOI
BDI DataLynk, LLC
Ph: 512-785-9024

Product Marketing Manager-Fiber Optic Unit (7/08)
Industry: Technology / Telecommunications / Software
Compensation: $100-125K
Geography: Northeast U.S.
Preference given to someone who has recently worked in product marketing for a company making fiber optic cable, connectors or patchcords.

Position open for a Product Marketing Manger for our Fiber Optic product line. Reporting to the VP/General Manager, the Product Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the P&L for the Fiber business. This manager is responsible for the product portfolio, new product development, pricing, go-to-market strategies, and marketing communications.
Key responsibilities include:
Business Planning and Execution
- Lead the development and implementation of a 3-year strategic product-marketing plan for the Fiber Optic product line. Effectively communicate and lead the implementation of this strategy throughout the organization.
Product Portfolio Management and Execution
- Lead development of a 3 year product roadmap that optimizes Quality, Delivery, Cost and Innovation while addressing key solution gaps outlined in the Market plans through internal product development, partnering and/or acquisitions.
- Coordinate development of future innovative products and technologies in line with strategic goals.
Marketing Communication – Increase sales and the product line through innovative integrated Marketing, PR and advertising plans.
Channel / Customer Business Development
- Work with sales team to develop integrated business plans and sales strategies that are aligned with the annual and 3 year plans.
- Lead the development of price targets and product positioning.
Specific requirements for this position include:
Senior level product marketing fiber optic experience.
Process and measurement oriented
Business or Technical undergraduate degree
MBA is preferred
They should have experience:
1) Analyzing the product line income statement, analyzing margin mix,
analyzing channels to markets and customers, analyzing pricing,
recommending and taking actions as needed to maximize margins and revenue.
2) Product Road mapping: Long-term product planning - where we take the
products, which markets, pricing, etc. including the business case for new
products and recommendations for product lifecycle.
3) Developing business case for new products or investment going into new
4) Marketing Communications
5) Control of all pricing including in-depth, sophisticated modeling,
competitor analysis, and positioning.   

Celeste Christ
Amber Systems Group, LLC
104 S. Main St. Suite 513
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
920-322-9011 Phone
920-3229013 Fax

Account Manager, Optical Fibers                              
Location:        Open
Reports To:     Director Marketing and Sales
Position Goals:           Provide direct sales representation and technical assistance, as related to the Company’s Specialty Optical Fibers worldwide
Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Present and sell company products and services to current and potential customers through customer visits and direct customer interaction
Prepare action plans and schedules to identify specific targets and to project the number of contacts to be made
Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity, trade shows, advertisements, etc.
Identify sales prospects and contact these and other accounts as assigned
Prepare presentations, proposals and sales contracts
Maintain current knowledge of all products, including technology, pricing, and sales strategies, and able to quote, close, process and support a sale as part of the sales team
Establish and maintain current customer and potential customer relationships
Prepare paperwork to activate and maintain contract services
Manage account services through quality checks and other follow-up
Identify and resolve customer concerns
Prepare a variety of status reports, including activity, closings, follow-up, and adherence to goals
Communicate new product and market opportunities, special developments, information, or feedback gathered through field activity to appropriate company staff
Coordinate company staff to accomplish the work required to close sales
Other duties as assigned

Additional Responsibilities:
Participate in marketing events such as seminars, trade shows, and telemarketing events
Follow-up for collection or payment
Coordinate shipping schedules and delivery of products and services

Education and Required Skills:
Four (4) year degree, preferably in Engineering
At least Five (5) years direct experience in sales of fiber optics, optoelectronics or photonics
Self motivator with the ability to plan, meet deadlines and work symbiotically with peers, customers and supervisors

Compensation and Benefits:
Competitive base salary plus commission/bonus
Medical and dental
Long term disability
Life insurance
401K participation with company match

Interested applicants may send their resume to:

Senior Process Engineer- ADC Corp.
LOCATION: Bennington, VT

ADC provides the network infrastructure equipment and professional services needed to deliver voice, video, Internet and data communications around the world.  Wireline, wireless, cable, enterprise and broadcast network operators rely on ADC‚ADC's offerings to deliver bandwidth intensive, high-speed services to residential, business and mobile subscribers. ADC (NASDAQ: ADCT) has sales into more than 140 countries.

Provide technical support to the manufacturing operation that enhances quality, improves delivery, and reduces costs through product/process improvement, operator training, equipment selection/installation, and product development.


Ensure existing and new products can be manufactured on robust and cost-effective processes by optimizing process settings, tooling, and procedures.
Monitor equipment, and work with vendors to reduce costs.
Troubleshoot and resolve short term and long term manufacturing problems that impede quality or cost effectiveness.
Develop and administer training on new and existing equipment and products for manufacturing personnel to ensure product/ process consistency.  Identify, document, and effectively communicate all critical process parameters, tooling, and materials. Development and maintain documentation.
Manage capital projects and provide technical support for the specification, design, purchase, installation, and commissioning of new equipment, retrofits, and tooling.
Manage Product Development projects as assigned to ensure successful release of commercial products in terms of reliability, cost, and manufacturing.
Work with vendors, Marketing, and Operating personnel, Product Management, Sales and/or Customers to meet product requirements.
Develop, improve and implement production/processing methods and business processes that positively impact cost, quality and safety objectives.
Initiate and develop Lean process improvements.
 Lead and participate in constructive discussions with management and operating personnel regarding quality/ process problems, cost reduction projects, and training issues. Provide reports as needed.
Ability to influence cross-functionally.

Four Year Degree in Engineering ME/MET, IE/IET
ISO9001:2000 knowledge, ERP familiarity, MS Suite of products, TL9000 QMS
Four-year engineering degree and 7+ years of related process engineering experience in a cable manufacturing environment.  Specific experience in polymer extrusion and optical fiber cable is desired
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Demonstrated teamwork, cooperation skills.
Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or governmental regulations- respond to questions.
Ability to utilize logical and scientific thinking in a variety of circumstances.
Focus on continuous quality improvement.
Ability to understand and follow all safety guidelines.
Flexibility to changing priorities, sensitivity to others feelings, viewpoints.
Ability to take calculated risks.
Travel up to 5% possible.

We‚re Growing
Competitive Compensation and Benefits
Opportunities for Advancement
Fast-Paced and High Energy
Global Company
Innovative Products and Technology
We Give Back to the Community
Committed to Customer, Quality, Innovation, Teamwork and Integrity

INSURANCE: Health and Dental is effective the first day of employment
PAID TIME OFF (PTO): 20 days for Full-Time, 10 days for Part-Time
PAID HOLIDAYS: 8 days with floating holidays
BASIC LIFE INSURANCE: Two times your base annual earnings
TUITION REIMBURSEMENT: $5,250 per calendar year of eligible expenses

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ADC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Contractors For "On-Call Restoration" (6/08)
I am in need of at the present time is an individual that can assist my clients as needed.  He or she could be called at any time, and there is a 4 hr response time.  We’ll pay a decent rate along with a Truck Roll Allowance for the drive.  Some of these locations could be up to 200 miles away, but we try to find technicians as close to the location as possible.

George L. Smith, Technical Recruiter
Intellys Corporation
621 W. College Pkwy
Grapevine, TX  76051
Office: 972-929-9000 ext. 513
Toll Free: 877-468-3559
Fax: 817-796-1208

Splicers Needed in Canada (6/08)
Need 2 - 4 splicers immediately
Job is in Calgary  ( A Telus Job)
Way paid out to the job.
Air Fare home every 8 weeks
Truck and tools supplied
$35.00 per Hr    +  overtime
$175 per day living allowance

Contact  Gord Smith, Phone: 416-678-7235


Looking for two individuals or two staff from a private firm for inside premise (ISP) install of CAT6 and Fiber Optic cables. The primary site is a large data center with adjacent offices, all currently under construction. Desire individuals with BICSI or FOA certifications,  industry certifications or equivalent experience. Experience with testing CAT5/6 and Fiber desired. This will be a six-month assignment in a safe and friendly foreign country with living conditions equal to the US. All travel and relocation expenses paid. Housing in two-bedroom furnished townhouse close to work site. Cell phone, Internet, cable TV, utilities, medical insurance and vehicle provided. Salary in US dollars with a bonus at completion of project. Employer is a large multinational design and build firm. Desire US installation and NEC code experience.

Please send contact information along with resume or qualifications to:

Kevin Love, <>

Careers at Verizon:


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Tech Puzzler
What's this and why is it used?, see below.

figure 8

Answer below

Understanding FOA Certifications
To answer questions on FOA certifications, we've created several new web pages:
Overview of FOA certifications
Training Requirements - What Schools Are Teaching
Reading these will help you understand what each FOA certification covers and how to prepare for them.

FOA Logo Merchandise
FOA has arranged with EmbroidMe to provide FOA logo merchandies. Identify yourself as a FOA-certified tech or instructor. The lab coats are super impressive for either cabling techs and instructors. Check out the selection.

FOA Certification Top Choice

The FOA CFOT and CFOS programs continue to gain momentum in fiber optics. Over 25,000 CFOTs have been certified by over 200 schools. Since our founding in July, 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting fiber optics and professionalism in fiber optics personnel, focusing on education and certification. We are continuing to add new schools and more CFOTs as users of fiber optics learn that a CFOT is the indication of a professional, well-trained fiber optic technician. Now with FTTH (fiber to the home) finally taking off, demand for CFOTs is rising and schools are responding by expanding programs rapidly.
The FOA now has approved programs at 200+ organizations, welcoming new additions like the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Corning Cable Systems and AFL (and their new acquisition "The Light Brigade" for their installation training programs and NASA's Goldstone Tracking Station. The complete list of FOA-Approved schools is at


Your Name, CFOT - It pays to advertise!

The FOA encourages CFOTs to use the logo on their business cards, letterhead, truck or van, etc. and provides logo files on this site for that purpose. But we are also asked about how to use the CFOT or CFOS certifications. Easy, you can refer to yourself as "Your Name, CFOT" or "Your Name, CFOS/T" for example.

Feel free to use the logo and designations to promote your achievements and professionalism!


Remember To Renew Your Certification !

Remember to renew your FOA certification. All current CFOTs have a ID Card with their certification data and we keep a database of current CFOTs to answer inquiries regarding your qualifications if needed. You must be a current FOA member and CFOT to participate in our online database of installers, contractors, technicians and consultants. If you forgot to renew, use the online application form to renew NOW!



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Tech Puzzler:
It's a "figure 8" - a technique used for intermediate fiber pulls to prevent putting a twist in the cable. See here for more information.