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Become a Certified Fiber Optic Instructor


The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) is offering again this summer theTrain-the-Trainer program for teachers and instructors that leads to a new FOA CFOS/I Instructor Certification. This "first in the industry" program brings all the expertise of the Fiber Optic Association to the process of training and certifying fiber optic instructors, both in industry and in the academic world. In addition, those coming to the course will receive the FOA's complete training program for teaching a CFOT course.

Dates & Places
July 21-25, Gateway Community College, Highland Heights, KY (Cincinnati, Ohio)
August 11-15, New Hampshire Community Technical College at Pease, Portsmouth, NH (Northeast NH)
A west coast session is being planned. Return the application to show your interest
Full information of the 2003 Train-the-Trainer TTT program.

Download the Train-The-Trainer Application (PDF file, 56kB)

For information or questions, contact Jim Hayes at or call him at 1-760-451-3655.


Photos from the 2002 TTT program by Jim Hayes.

The Market May Be Bad, But In Premises Cabling, Fiber Is Faring Better Than Copper

While the market for telco fiber fiber optics is grim and even the CATV market is getting saturated, premises fiber optics is doing much better than copper. According to Frank Murawski, FTM Consulting, UTP copper cabling declined 29% in 2001, 23% in 2002, another 6% in 2003 and will have a slow recovery. In contrast, fiber forecast is for 17% annual growth to support new faster networks like Gigabot Ethernet and 10 GbE - heading to 61% of the market in 2007. Now market research is a very imprecise practice, but Frank was the only one to predict the decline of the copper cabling market two years ago, and tends to be more credible than most.

Standards To Watch For

Two new standards are in the approval process and they are useful ones to watch.

The revised NECA/FOA NEIS 301 standard for workmanship in fiber optic installations has been updated and circulated for industry review. It will now be submitted to ANSI and should be published in late 2003.

TIA/EIA TR-42, the committee that writes the "568" premises cabling standard, is circulating TSB-140, a document designed to clarify fiber optic test procedures referenced in TIA/EIA 568-B.3. This document covers fiber tracing, insertion loss testing and OTDR testing for premises cable plants. It too should be published in late 2003.

Last Chance To Renew Your Membership !

This is your last chance to remain on the FOA mail list and retain your CFOT certification. If you have not responded to the last two newsletters or the last chance postcard, you will be dropped from our mail lists. It you forgot to renew, use the online application form or the FOA online store to renew NOW!

Want To Get FOA Email?
We have been asked if we could send the FOA newsletter by email or post it on the website. We are looking into that and will definitely get one started soon. When you renew, you will be asked if you are interested in email newsletters and if so, you will be asked to give your email address for us to use in a mailing list. If you want to get started now, send an email to with the subject "eMail List"
Note that The FOA never releases its mailing lists for any use! Your data is always safe with us.

Logo Merchandise
We are offering a select number of logo items including hats, t-shirts, jacket patches, etc. on our online store . New items we offer are going to be determined by the requests of our members, so let the FOA office know what you would like.


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