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All FOA Certification Renewals Are For 3 Years And Cost $100US

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Note: By continuing to make a renewal payment online, you attest to having met the FOA requirements for certification renewal.


Note: You must know your FOA Certification Number and Expiration Date to renew online. Many people refer to their FOA Certification Number as their "CFOT number" because they received their CFOT first. If you need assistance, email the FOA at

All renewals are for 3 years and the fee is $100 US. One fee covers ALL certifications held under one FOA Certification Number.

Click on the pull-down menu and choose your status.

Enter your  Name  in the field provided (mandatory)

Enter your FOA Certification
Number and Expiration Date (MM/YY) in the field provided (mandatory)

Click on the "Pay Now" button to be directed to the FOA store on PayPal for payment.  You will have a choice of paying by PayPal or credit card.

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